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The Latest from Google AdSense

The Latest from Google AdSense - December 2006

* Note From The Editors
* New and Improved AdSense Features
o Wanted: 300x250 medium rectangles for display of video ads
o Multiple channels, maximum tracking
o New optimization tips for Referrals
o AdSense payments, demystified
o EFT expanded to 4 new countries
o New success stories from publishers like you
o Extra! Extra! AdSense tests offline newspaper advertising
* Publisher Education
o Tailor your users' search experience with a Google Custom Search Engine
o Make your site more Google-friendly with our Webmaster Tools
o Understand your audience with Analytics
o Promote & enhance your website using Gadgets
o Embed a searchable Google Map without writing any code
o Collaborate on your site content with Google Docs & Spreadsheets
o Communicate better with others with Google Apps For Your Domain
* AdSense Resources

Note From The Editors


As 2006 comes to a close, we wanted to end the year by making sure all of you are updated on the latest developments in the AdSense world. In the past few months we've launched some exciting new features for AdSense, as well as several new Google products that AdSense publishers like you may find useful.

To all of our publishers, we wish you a safe holiday season and a happy new year. See you in 2007!

Christine & Julie, on behalf of the Google AdSense Team

New and Improved AdSense Features

Wanted: 300x250 medium rectangles for display of video ads

Earlier this year, we launched click-to-play video ads, a new form of relevant and engaging advertising. Paid on either a CPC or CPM basis, video ads present an improved revenue opportunity for you because they compete with other text and image ads for placement on sites, making the ad auction more competitive. For best results, we recommend the following:

* Use a 300 x 250 medium rectangle format that's enabled to show video ads
* Position the rectangle in above-the-fold, prime locations on your pages

This implementation is especially popular with advertisers looking for sites to target both their image and video ads. To see examples of good placement, check out these demos created by our friends over in AdWords. If the medium rectangle is not a fit for your pages, video ads are also supported in three other ad formats.

Multiple channels, maximum tracking

For greater flexibility and more granular tracking, we now allow you to add up to five custom channels to any ad unit. This increased tracking freedom will come in handy whenever you want to track one ad unit across a variety of different metrics, such as location or format. For example, you could now track an Open Air leaderboard ad unit at the top of the page using three custom channels: Open Air, Leaderboard, and Top.

New optimization tips for Referrals

Looking to increase your referrals earnings? Check out the new referrals optimization tips page! Here you'll find suggestions on which products may work best for your site and how to determine the optimal placement for your referral buttons.

AdSense payments, demystified

No longer will the arrival of AdSense payments be shrouded in mystery. Introducing the AdSense Payment Schedule demo, here to make it clear when your payments will be processed, sent, and received, whether on your doorstep or in your bank account. Our demo also outlines the process of reissuing earnings that have been credited back to your account.

EFT expanded to 4 new countries

Breaking news for publishers located in the Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, and Slovakia-- we've extended Electronic Funds Transfer payments to these 4 additional countries. Now you can enjoy the benefits of EFT, including faster receipt of payments and fewer bank fees. Haven't yet signed up for EFT? Just follow our easy instructions.

New success stories from publishers like you

* "It's worth the effort to test and experiment. We've found that our optimization efforts on AdSense have had a substantial positive impact on revenues." -Chris Davis,

* "AdSense does the work for us and has allowed us to tap 100 percent of our market, since we can reach both small and large metropolitan areas, versus serving only a few big advertisers. AdSense has made a tremendous difference in our business." -Jeremy Bencken,

One of the most common requests we get from publishers is more examples of publishers like them who've found success with AdSense. On that note, we're excited to introduce you to 4 publishers all with very diverse sites -, Apartment Ratings, TakeABreak, and Read about them here. Also, check out a few of our publisher testimonials from the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose.

Extra! Extra! AdSense tests offline newspaper advertising

We're excited to announce that we're in the early stages of testing AdSense for Newspapers with a select group of newspaper publishers. AdSense for Newspapers gives newspaper publishers a new source of advertising revenue by connecting them with AdWords advertisers who want to place display ads in major papers across the U.S. If you happen to be a newspaper publisher interested in participating in future tests, please check out AdSense for Newspapers and submit your contact information.

Publisher Education

Tailor your users' search experience with Custom Search Engine

Create your own tailored search experience for your users with a Custom Search Engine that reflects your knowledge and expertise. If you're using AdSense for search, you can link your account to your custom search engine and add a new revenue stream from the ads within the custom search engine results. In a few quick steps you can create a search engine that looks and feels like your site. It's easy to use and set up, and you can prioritize search results based on your interests; invite members of your community to participate in growing your search engine content. And just like AdSense for search, you can integrate your custom search engine directly into your site so your users stay on your pages. Keep in mind that while our site is in English only at this time, you can create a custom search engine that searches across content in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Make your site more Google-friendly with our Webmaster Tools

Google's Webmaster Tools provide you with a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. They allow you to get Google's view of your website & diagnose potential problems, see what queries drive traffic to your site and how users find you. The tools can also tell Google about your pages, what is important, and how often they change. The more eyeballs you have on your useful content, the better for your AdSense performance.

Understand your audience with Analytics

More and more AdSense Publishers are discovering Google Analytics . It's free and as easy to set up as AdSense, and will give you the data you need to back up your AdSense decisions. For example, if you're wondering where to put your AdSense ads, you can look at Google Analytics reports to find out which pages on your site get the most traffic, and where visitors spend the most time. All you need to do is add a couple of lines of code to each page on your site. Sign up for a free account and see results today.

Promote & enhance your website using Gadgets

You can enhance your own website and promote your website's content, for free, by using Google Gadgets. To enhance your own website, you can add fun or content-rich gadgets by copying and pasting a little HTML you can generate from the directory of gadgets for your webpage. To promote your website's content on the Google homepage and on other sites across the web, you can create and optimize your own Google Gadget.

Embed a searchable Google Map without writing any code

Let your users search for places on a Google Map without leaving your site. The best part is you don't need to write a single line of JavaScript or HTML. The Map Search Wizard will generate code for you, and all you have to do is copy and paste the code into your page just like AdSense. You can also customize how you want the map to look and the center location. It's easy, fast, and free. And if you're interested in doing more with a dynamic Google search box, check out the AJAX Search API

Collaborate on your site content with Docs & Spreadsheets

Google Docs & Spreadsheets is our new web-based word processing and spreadsheet program, perfect for managing your site's content and sharing it with others. You can edit and save in HTML to create mockups of your webpages, access your files from any computer via a web browser, easily send them to collaborators to review & edit, and view all past revisions to any document. Docs & Spreadsheets also provides an easy way to distribute content. Your users won't need to download anything from your site; just create your content in Docs & Spreadsheets or upload an existing file, publish it, and then link directly to the file from your website. Google Docs & Spreadsheets is free, secure and easy to try out. Check out the product tour for an overview, or just sign up here.

Communicate better with others with Google Apps For Your Domain

The more you can focus on your site content, the more successful you can be with AdSense. Now available in 18 different languages, Google Apps for Your Domain allows you to spend less time, energy, and money on one of the biggest distractions for publishers: maintaining IT systems. Now you can offer powerful communication and collaboration tools including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk to everyone with an account on your own domain, people within your organization or members of your community. Best of all, everything is managed on Google's scalable, secure systems, just like AdSense.

AdSense Resources

* Optimization Tips Page - Find out how to improve your AdSense performance with tried and true tips.
* Google Tools for AdSense Publishers - Learn about other Google products you can use to improve and enrich your site.
* Inside AdSense Blog - Keep up with the latest news, tips, success stories, and insights direct from members of the AdSense team. To receive posts directly in your inbox, subscribe to the blog.
* AdSense Help Forum - Become a part of the AdSense community, where you can learn from other publishers and share your own knowledge and experiences.
* AdSense Calendar - Make AdSense dates memorable by subscribing to the AdSense Calendar, which provides our monthly payment schedule, a record of AdSense blog posts, future system maintenance periods, and upcoming events.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Google Adsense

How much will I earn through this program?

The Google ads you are able to display on your content pages can be either cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads, while AdSense for search results pages show exclusively CPC ads. This means that advertisers pay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser's ad is shown on your site. You'll receive a portion of the amount paid for either activity on your website. Although we don't disclose the exact revenue share, our goal is to enable publishers to make as much or more than they could with other advertising networks.

The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your web pages. There's no cost, no obligation, and getting started is quick and easy. You can sign up now from the AdSense home page at .

Once you're a part of Google AdSense, you can view your earnings at any time by logging in to your account at and clicking the Reports tab. You'll be able to see the total number of page and ad unit impressions, ad clicks, clickthrough rate, effective CPM, and your total earnings so you can get an idea of how well the program is performing for you and how much you can expect to earn over time in the program.

You can also find more information about our payment schedule in our Payments Guide.

What languages does AdSense support?

Google AdSense supports publishers in several different languages. Applications for participation in the program can be for sites with content primarily in:

Chinese (simplified) Japanese
Danish Korean
Dutch Norwegian
English Polish
Finnish Portuguese
French Russian
German Spanish
Hungarian Swedish
Italian Turkish

In addition, AdSense for search is available in Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Slovak, and Traditional Chinese. These languages are not supported for AdSense for content pages.

You can select your site's primary language during the application process. If you're approved, AdSense will serve relevant ads to your pages in the appropriate language, even if your site contains multiple supported languages.

Please also be aware that placing the AdSense code on pages with content primarily in an unsupported language is not permitted by the AdSense program policies.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

4 Steps to a Successful Website

Creating a successful website that will make money and receive traffic is simple if you follow the right steps. However, many potential webmasters don't know where to start or how to put all the site building pieces together. In this article we have outlined the four basic steps for getting a website online, listed, and ready to make money- along with recommendations for our favorite web services to help you do so. Anyone can make money with a website and we'll tell you how to get started.

1- Register a Domain Name
The very first step to take is to register a domain name. This name is how your website will be known and listed on the World Wide Web. It will be your URL, or web address. An example of a domain name is Dot com is the most common domain extension, but there are many others to choose from. Using hyphens and alternate spellings in a domain name can help if the .com is already taken. We like to register our domains through GoDaddy. They offer the cheapest prices for domain names and are always having a good sale.

Where domain names are concerned cheaper is better. Owning a domain name doesn't mean you have a website, it is just the name. To have a website you also need a web host.

2- Find a Host

Once you have a domain you can find a host for your domain. In order to have your website visible to the world, you pay someone else, a web host, to store your site files on a fast server that makes them available 24/7 to website visitors. There are millions of web hosts to choose from with varied pricing and features. We recommend iPowerWeb as a reliable web host to start with. They are competitively priced ($7.95 per month) and offer all the tools webmasters need to get a website up and running smoothly. iPowerWeb will register a domain name for free when you sign up for hosting.

3- Join Affiliate Networks

Now that you have your website up and running you are ready to sign up for affiliate programs so you can make money with your website. The best place to start is to sign up with an affiliate network, like Commission Junction, that can give you access to many affiliate programs. Commission Junction will track which merchants you are an affiliate for, the traffic you send merchants, the sales you make, and how much you will be paid.

They send out one monthly check for all the revenue you have received from your affiliated merchants. Using an affiliate network is much easier than signing up, tracking sales, and receiving payment from multiple different sources.

4- Increase Your Website Traffic

Unfortunately, your website will never make money or be a success if no one sees it. Once you've registered a domain name, signed up free a web host, and added some affiliates to your website, you need to begin soliciting traffic, or visitors, to your website. Traffic to your website can come in many forms: word of mouth, printed advertisement, email campaigns, other web sites, and search engines are the main sources. Search engines offer the highest possibilities of traffic if your website places well for a desired key word. We suggest reading the Search Engine Bible to help you figure out the complex game of search engine optimization or to learn more about submitting to pay per click engines.

It is no secret that these four steps can take time and a lot of hard work. But if you take advantage of the resources available and proceed in the prescribed order your website can be a success.

To find web providers in your area to help with web design, marketing, hosting, or graphics, visit

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10 Credos of Compassionate Marketing

Mungkin sebagian anggota TDA ada yang telah mengetahui teori terbaru dari Hermawan Kertajaya yaitu The 10 Credos of Compassionate Marketing yang berisi prinsip2 menjalankan bisnis yang berlandaskan moralitas dan etika. Pebisnis yang sering dijadikan model adalah Aa Gym yang sekaligus merupakan mubaligh, atau mubaligh yang pebisnis.

Credo pertama yg ingin saya bahas adalah Love Your Customers, Respect Your Competitors. Klo ‘cintai pelanggan anda’ mungkin semua udah mahfum karena dari sinilah pundi2 pendapatan bisnis kita secara langsung. Tapi menghargai pesaing ? apa gunanya ? bukan malah merugikan ? toh yang penting kita masih berhasil dalam bisnis kita.

Hermawan menyatakan dalam teorinya bahwa pesaing sebenernya dapat dijadikan mitra untuk berkembang dengan pertimbangan :

1. Pesaing akan memperbesar pasar.
Orang yang menjual martabak di suatu tempat, klo tidak ada orang yang menjual martabak di sebelah-belahnya, maka pasar martabak tidak akan besar. contoh : pedagang martabak di warung buncit, pusat seluler di Roxy atau gabungan pengusaha dukungan pak Haji di Metro Tanah Abang dan ITC Mangga Dua. Pak Haji sudah lama menyadari ini bahkan mempraktekkannya, pengusaha Tionghoa juga sudah lama menyadarinya mangkanya mereka secara bergerombol membentuk komunitas bisnis di suatu tempat.

2. Pesaing bisa menjadi sumber inspirasi untuk memperbaiki diri.
Kita harus rajin melakukan perbandingan dengan pesaing, dalam manajemen mempelajari pasaing tidak salah, malah dianjurkan agar produk dan kinerja kita menjadi atau semakin excelent.

3. Pesaing mendorong kita menjadi kreatif menemukan differensiai produk atau layanan.
Tidak harus meniru suatu strategi pesaing yang belum tentu cocok dengan bisnis kita, tapi mencari kreatifitas pembeda atau bahkan lebih baik.

Sebagai anggota TDA kita bersyukur memiliki pak Haji, pak Roni, pak Bukhin, pak Eddy, mbak Waru, mbak Febby dll yg udah berpengalaman dan memahami suka-duka berbisnis. Kata pak Haji waktu TDM kemaren, bahwa kita diberikan jalan 'shorcut', minimal kita udah tau dimana toko yg jual murah, apa2 aja yg biasanya jadi masalah, kita dikasih tau jalan yg mungkin pernah dilalui pak Haji dengan pengorbanan yang besar, sampe berdarah-darah jika meminjam istilah pak Bukhin. Buat apa beliau memberikan hal itu ? Kembali ke tujuan TDA, menjadi Tangan Di Atas.

Sebagai anggota TDA kita bisa membuka bazaar secara bersama, saling menitipkan produk di toko/kios, bekerjasama membeli suatu produk yg sama di sebuah supplier sehingga mendapat harga kulakan/grosir, memberikan informasi supplier, forwarding dll.
Inilah sebagian yg bisa kita lakukan. Inilah seninya.
Bagaimana kita berlaku sebagai pesaing tapi juga sebagai mitra.
Demikian, semoga bermanfaat dan mohon maaf jika mengganggu.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Letter from Chairman e-gold, Ltd.

Letter from Dr. Douglas Jackson; Chairman, e-gold, Ltd.

e-gold® has recently been the subject of a slanderous and unfounded article in Business Week. e-gold strongly refutes the allegations and presumptions of this article. The article chose to focus through anecdote and suspicion only on an exception - criminal abuse - and ignores the overwhelming majority of e-gold usage. It also fails to note that all online payment mechanisms including credit cards and intermediaries such as PayPal are targeted by criminals, likely at a much greater magnitude than e-gold, and fails to relate the very proactive steps e-gold takes to eliminate any criminal behavior involving e-gold.

e-gold and its Operator, Gold & Silver Reserve (G&SR®), including G&SR's exchange service OmniPay® in cooperation with the United States Government and pursuant to a lawfully issued written request, did allow an examination of the e-gold and OmniPay computer systems and data. The examination occurred on December 16th after normal business hours so as to avoid disrupting access to the system. The examination utilized the full resources of e-gold's system and prevented customer access. We were told by the government examiners that the outage would be for a few hours, however, due to the volume of data maintained by e-gold for its customers' protection, a surprise to the examiners, the examination occupied e-gold's computing capacity for 36 hours. e-gold apologizes for any inconvenience of the system down time caused by the government's request. No charges have been filed against e-gold, G&SR, OmniPay or any of its principals.

e-gold operates legally and does not condone persons attempting to use e-gold for criminal activity. e-gold has a long history of cooperation with law enforcement agencies in the US and worldwide, providing data and investigative assistance in response to lawful requests.

I'm proud of what we have accomplished so far with e-gold. e-gold, now in its 10th year online, is growing exponentially because of a network effect, a global cascade of Users telling their friends who then tell their friends. For the first time since our launch in 1996, this growth is providing the revenue and resources needed for e-gold to accelerate technical development and other refinements to make it more reliable and even less hospitable to those who would seek to abuse it.

We are processing the same volume of transactions and growing at the same exponential pace that PayPal was in the second quarter of 2000. One difference, though, is that they had to give away $tens of millions of their investors' money to build a critical mass of user balances and were continuing a burn rate of about $10 million per month during this period. Altogether they burned through about $275 million of capital losses before their IPO.

e-gold, in contrast, lacking significant outside investment:

  • has attained a circulation larger than Canada 's official gold reserves (currently 3.46 metric tonnes of gold, equivalent to about $55 million at current exchange rates).
  • has web traffic surpassing and and is neck and neck with as the most heavily trafficked gold related site on the Web
  • settles 50 to 60 thousand user-to-user payments per day, a daily value of about $10 million
  • has active Users in every country, (including more than 150,000 in China ) despite our lack so far of foreign language versions - a high priority on our to-do list

e-gold is the only payment mechanism that is truly global, enabling any merchant to accept payment online even if the payer lives in a third world country, has no credit card, or is perhaps 'unbanked' altogether.

e-gold enables the migrant worker of modest means to send value back to his family in Mexico or Bangladesh at a fraction of the cost of conventional international remittance mechanisms. e-gold alone is free of chargeback risk, yet the fee for receiving payment in e-gold is a tiny fraction of those charged by any other systems.

Thanks to e-gold, for the first time in history, normal people of modest means worldwide have the option of using currency that is designed from the ground up to be immune to debasement, with a governance model that precludes even its management and founders from having the power to subvert it.

Gold & Silver Reserve has been operating for over nine years. Seeking to comply with every applicable law, G&SR has reached out to the Government dozens of times, has repeatedly met with officials from the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI, SEC and a variety of other Federal agencies, and has been told – in no uncertain terms – that we were operating legally and in full compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. Additionally, the Government has requested from us – on more than three hundred occasions – information regarding individuals it believed to be lawbreakers. Gold & Silver Reserve complied with every single request in a professional and timely fashion. Numerous Government officials have gone so far as to commend us in writing for our efforts in complying with their requests and aiding them in their investigations.

Very recently, however, the Government concluded that it was unable to “regulate” our business under any current statutes or regulations. Rather than moving Congress to enact legislation, the Government apparently chose to undertake to regulate us under pre-existing statutes which are totally and utterly inapplicable to our business. To do so, the case the Government brought against Gold & Silver Reserve centered around false statements and fabrications made to a Magistrate Judge in Washington , D.C. A week later, when challenged by that Judge, the Government, fearing it would lose its case filed a second suit against Gold & Silver Reserve. We are now addressing that action and are confident that we will be victorious in a very short time.

Both OmniPay and e-gold have been substantially harmed. Both sites were off-line altogether for 36 hours - an interval during which we were at a loss to know what to announce or even how to announce it. There were other direct interventions as well that I am not yet at liberty to discuss that nearly crippled OmniPay's ability to honor its obligations to and on behalf of users. The worst effect of course is on our reputation. This irresponsible smear piece will surely impair our efforts to build strategic relationships with the host of businesses and individuals that would benefit from an embrace of e-gold.

Let me be very clear. e-gold in no manner condones persons or organizations attempting to use e-gold to support criminal acts. The exact opposite is true. e-gold limits accounts that are suspect of illicit activity and has a long history of cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

There are two elements that make e-gold about the dumbest choice a criminal could make if seeking to obfuscate a money trail or otherwise hide the proceeds of crime.

  1. it is impossible for a general user of e-gold to send/add money (value in any form) into the system... he can only get e-gold by receiving an e-gold Spend from someone who already has some.
  2. there's a permanent record of all transfers, that is, a permanent record of the entire lineage of every particle of value in the e-gold system.

There is nothing "anonymous and untraceable" about e-gold. e-gold Spends settle by book entry - it isn't so-called "digital cash".

e-gold is not about crime. e-gold is not a hospitable environment for criminals. e-gold maintains an efficient and highly capable investigative staff to aid in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of any criminal abusing the system. Our staff has participated in hundreds of investigations supporting the FBI, FTC, IRS, DEA, SEC, USPS, and others. This is the reality of every payment system, the need to aid in rooting out criminal abuse, whether it is child pornographers taking advantage of the multiple layers and indirection of credit card middlemen, or smurfs aggregating cash via international remittance processors or even state lotteries.

e-gold has taken a proactive approach, reaching out to law enforcement agencies and NGO's (Non-Governmental Organization) to foster closer cooperation in combating crime online. For example, e-gold is a charter member of the Financial Coalition to eradicate Child Pornography, organized by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, along with Visa, MasterCard, Microsoft, AOL, PayPal, First Data and some of the major banks.

I hope to have additional and useful facts shortly and will communicate them when appropriate. I can assure you e-gold is up and running, supporting its customers, and continuing to grow.

Dr. Douglas Jackson

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important To Your Future

Building your website with search engine appeal - or search engine optimization - is more art than science but experience has shown that there are some very useful guidelines. The question is, why bother? With effective optimization you'll attract free website traffic that the search engines will send you. Free traffic goes a long way towards not only making your site income-generating but, hopefully, profit-generating as well.

With search engine optimization you might even receive a high traffic volume. Let’s just say you have a conversion to successful sales with 5 to 10 percent of your traffic. If you get a hundred hits or more a day, you get a good number of sales already. If you get only twenty or so hits a day, you only get one or two sales if any at all. Higher traffic, especially if it's free, means potentially higher revenue.

Search engine optimization involves a variety of methods for making your site appealing to the search engines, such as having relevant keywords, title and content. It also helps to have other similar sites linking to yours. The aim is to have your site listed in the search engine results and apearing in, preferably, the first two or three pages. The higher the better. This will ensure that your site is displayed in answer to public inquiries as being possibly relevant. In turn, this increases public awareness and directs more traffic to your site - traffic that could lead to potential sales, revenue and profit.

There are many locations on the internet that can help you improve search engine optimization, including those that help in tracking keyword phrases. For instance, the free Yahoo/Overture Suggestion Tool, as well as many commercial keyword analyzers. There are also some content writers and article directories that can provide suitable keyword-laden content for you.

However, most people performing a search examine only the ten top results, which are on the first page. Those entries further down the list languish, with little attention. So making it to the top three pages is a barometer of a site's success in search engine optimization as you will get more people clicking through to your site when you have a higher ranking on these pages. And, as mentioned, more traffic means more business for you.

As you might have guessed, search engine optimization may require a fair bit of work to be fully realized. For instance, researching the keyword phrases that are popular for your niche or theme.

You may also need to rewrite your site's contents so that you get the right keyword phrases in your site without making it too awkward to read. There are useful guidelines that can be followed to assist with this.

Also consider collaborating with other web sites to obtain link exchanges and page transfers. Having inbound links definitely increases search engine appeal. Possibly the best way of gaining these is to write quality articles on the subject of your website and submit them to article directories for others to use. This generates desirable one-way links from those who post your articles on their websites, and they have usually selected your article because of its relevance!

When you need help just search the internet. Tips, guidelines and methods for search engine optimization are abundant and easily found. There are also many articles freely available that can help you optimize your website. Just posing the question on Google or inquiring at your favorite article directory will quickly locate some of these. The more informed you are the better. But resist the temptation to buy ebooks when so much free information is available.

This all helps in getting those high rankings. It may require a little time and effort but the benefits can be astounding.

E-commerce is a cut throat business. You have to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to make your site a cut above the rest. Each day, more and more sites clamber for higher rankings and, if you get careless, you may just get trampled and be left in cyber dust.

In recent years, and in the foreseeable future, search engines have been the most widely used internet sources of information. Use them well and prosper.

However, even with effective optimization in place, don't just rest on your laurels; it is a continuing process. Check your ranking from time to time and also have a good look at what the top sites for a keyword are doing. Why do they have a higher ranking? What do you have to do to secure the top spot? Each day is a new day for all e-commerce sites or, as Scarlet O'Hara said: "Tomorrow is another day!"

Ivan Kelly managed a Direct Mail business with extensive mailing lists for ten years and has designed and promoted many websites. He also provides a quality f'ree course on Search Engine Marketing. For details go to: List Of Topics

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Do Search Engines Behave Like Human Beings?

By Matthew Eigbe Platinum Quality Author

"Sociometry is the study and measurement of interpersonal relationships in a group of people." Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

You may be wondering what sociometry has to do with search engines. Well, I intend to use the idea as a platform for discussing how people behave in a group and offer it as a way to understand how search engines operate.

Now imagine there is a summit. You are invited only if you have certain qualifications. It could be wealth, educational qualification, position held in government or business. Whatever. It may even be gender or age. Think of this attainment or possession that qualifies you for an invitation to this important summit as the theme of your website.

When you decide to honour the invitation, you leave every other engagement and assignment because you think that your attendance will do you some good. This parallels the submission of your website to the search engines.

Arriving for the submit, will you be on the high table, in any other visible position or in an obscure corner of the hall? Only the summit organisers can determine this. It would depend on how important they think you are. And they would measure your importance by their estimate of your knowledge of the subject to be discussed and how much you can contribute to the success of the summit. This approximates keywords (including key phrases) that are relevant with regard to your website.

If you were a reporter covering this submit you would probably notice that some participants enjoy a lot of handshakes at the instance of others and this is not the case for some. You would probably see that when some people extend their hand it is taken with something close to reverence and gratitude by the person to whom it was extended. Not everyone enjoys the same attention and share of conversation. As a reporter, you would be able to form an opinion based on what you observed about who the influential participants are. In search engine terms, this would be linking. What qualified these people for the monopoly of attention? How would you get links to your website?

The above discussion is only by way of an analogy and is not meant to present an exact description of how search engines review, index, rank and throw up your website when a surfer types in their search terms.

Matthew Eigbe has over 25 years experience in consumer marketing and now focuses on network marketing using the internet. He is webmaster at, a site that explains how you can gain Financial Freedom by inviting people to have their own domain name.

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SEO Content Writer: How To Find One

By Christopher Kyalo Platinum Quality Author

There are many people who still don't identify SEO with a content writer or content writing for that matter. To them SEO is some complicated technical thing that a content writer can not possibly be able to make head or tail of.

This kind of thinking is extremely expensive because it is currently costing many site owners millions of hits. The truth of the matter is that a very important and key part of SEO is the use of the best non-competitive keyword phrases for the particular site. One keyword phrase can produce millions of hits via leading search engines. Keyword phrases are used on the content and that is why it is so important for a content writer to understand the use of keywords, even if somebody else is researching them for him or her.

Hiring a content writer who understands and uses seo techniques can therefore gain you many million hits over a relatively short time. It will also save you the time and money in researching the best keywords for your site yourself, or hiring a different person to do it for you.

Finding a good SEO content writer is easier than you think. For starters carefully trace your steps backwards to how you found your seo content writer. If they used seo methods to advertise their services, then you will be pretty sure that they are experts and know exactly what they are doing.

How can you possibly believe in a seo content writer who does not use seo content writing techniques to advertise their own services?

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